Online Coaching

1 to 1 online coaching: individual and flexible appointments!

Curious and still have questions? Simply contact me by email or phone if you want a free consultation 😊

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Full body workout for at home as a video including a description!

What are 1 to 1 online coachings?

Would you like a personal trainer to help you achieve your individual fitness goals? But you don't want to go anywhere for that, or maybe you even have some training equipment at home? Then you are exactly right with me! I offer you online personal training here!

In the following I will briefly explain the process of online coaching:

  • The first unit lasts about 90 minutes, every further 1 hour.
  • In the first unit we will discuss your fitness goals and do a few tests and exercises.
  • Based on this, I will then create an individual training plan for you so that you can achieve your goals!

For whom are the coachings suitable?

With the help of my coaching you can achieve the following goals:

Lose weight, build muscle, better performance in your sport, more performance and greater well-being in everyday life

How can I make an appointment and how much does it cost?

Appointments can be arranged individually. Please contact me directly:

Phone: + 43 670 / 409 09 11

I list the costs here:

  • per unit (60 min.): 80 €
  • Training plan for personal use: 70 € / per plan