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INJOY WIEN fitness center: Schnirchgasse 12, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Personal training outside the fitness studio is also possible. Because as a personal trainer, I also like to offer home visits.

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My path to becoming a personal trainer

In 2013 I completed my first training as a health and personal trainer (certificate from the “Personal Fitness Academy”) and have been working as a freelance personal trainer since then. As a result, I wanted to acquire even more specialist knowledge on the subject of the musculoskeletal system and in 2015 I began studying physiotherapy to become an expert in this field. Since 2019 I have also been a speaker in the “Functional Reha Trainer” department at the “Trainer Academy”. Further training (list is continuously updated;)):

  • 2014: Trainer Academy: A license fitness trainer

  • 2014: Trainer Academy: Certified Strength Trainer

What can I do for you?

My special skills as a personal trainer are with my trained eyes Weak points in your posture or also when performing certain exercises to recognize, analyze and work on it together with you. Regardless of whether your goal is sport-specific or related to everyday life, we will always look at the following three basic elements: Flexibility, stability and strength. First, I will have a detailed discussion with you, in which we will discuss your goals in detail and carry out tests. Then I will choose exercises based on this and one scheduled training plan for our collaboration. The correct execution of the exercises is very important to me, so that we can get the maximum out of our training units and your body awareness improves sustainably. It doesn't matter if you are Training beginner   or competitive athletewhether you simply want more quality of life in everyday life or want to become more productive in your sport, as a personal trainer I recognize your abilities and help you to reach your full potential. To help you achieve your goals in the best possible way and holistic I also work with experts from other fields, including Nutritional consultation , together.

You are right here!

  • if you want to improve your posture

  • if you want to improve your flexibility, stability or strength

  • if you want to build muscle

  • if you want to lose / lose fat

What goals can you achieve with me as a personal trainer?

  • Prevention of consequential damage caused by unergonomic postures, one-sided activities, etc.

  • ergonomic posture

  • more mobility

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • more power

  • more muscle mass

  • loss in weight

  • Reaching your own dream figure;), cooperation with nutritional advice

  • more stamina

  • more performance in everyday life / in your sport

  • generally increased well-being

  • Create a balance to the "everyday stress"

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