Education and training, specialty areas

  • from 2013: I do bodybuilding myself (from 2019 also competitions)
  • 2013: Health and personal trainer (PFA / Personal Fitness Academy)

  • 2014: A license fitness trainer, Certified Strength Trainer (Traineracademy Your Coach)

  • from 2020: KPNI (Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology) (kPNI Academy)

  • from 2020: ENS (Evidenced Based Nutrition Specialist) (RAWO)


Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology is a holistic, interdisciplinary concept. As the name suggests, it combines specialist knowledge from psychology, neurology and immunology. Knowledge from endocrinology, sociology and movement sciences are also incorporated. This enables holistic advice, from individual adjustments to everyday life to diet. Since a holistic perspective has always been very important to me in my job, I would like to deepen my specialist knowledge here!
The more tools you have at your disposal as a trainer, the better you can deal with your patients individually.


Because of my sport, I have been dealing with nutrition in great detail for years. In order to be able to offer you nutritional advice in the future, I will deepen my knowledge through KPNI (see above) and through this training.