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RAWO: Donau-City-Straße 12/1/005, 1220 Vienna, Austria

Physiotherapy outside the gym is also possible!

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My way

I completed my training as a physiotherapist (BSc) at the FH Campus Wien in 2018. As part of my physiotherapy studies, I also had numerous internships in order to specialize in certain areas. These included the areas of orthopedics, traumatology, cardiology, geriatrics and neurology. In 2018-2019 I was able to gain professional experience in the “Stockerau Health Center” as a employed physiotherapist in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, geriatrics and neurology. In the sporting field, I also have extensive professional experience as a personal trainer. Since 2019 I have also been working as a speaker in the “Functional Rehabilitation Trainer” department at the “Traineracademy”. Further training (list is continuously updated;)):

  • 2019 iA: Physiozentrum for Further Education GmbH: Functional Orthonomy and Integration (FOI)

  • 2019: Physiozentrum für further education GmbH: Fascial distortion model according to Stephen Typaldos (FDM)

What can I do for you?

Physiotherapy is one of my specialties Orthopedics, traumatology and sports. This means that I will help you to remedy chronic musculoskeletal complaints that have arisen from injuries or the cause of which you may not even know. In the field of neurology (hemiplegia, Parkinson's disease), I have already achieved remarkable successes thanks to the work concept described below. First I will have a detailed conversation with you, in which we will discuss your goals, among other things, and conduct a comprehensive investigation. An important part of the subsequent therapy consists of individually tailored to your examination results and goals Flexibility, stability and strengthening exercises. It is very important to me that you understand the cause of your complaints in order to be able to eliminate them sustainably. You will learn techniques and exercises for self-help that can be easily integrated into your everyday life. If necessary, the therapy is supplemented by targeted ones passive techniquesthat I will perform on you. I am working among others with a FDM (Fascial Distortion Model) and FOI (Functional Orthonomy and Integration). Besides, that's me holistic view Your complaints are very important and therefore I also work with a team of experts in various specialist areas (Psyche, nutrition) together on site.

You are right here!

  • for complaints of the back and spine

  • for pain in the elbows and wrists

  • for problems with the hips, knees and ankles

What goals can you achieve with physical therapy?

  • Restoration of restrictions on the musculoskeletal system caused by injuries> you will be even more efficient than before 😉

  • freedom from pain

  • more mobility

  • more stability

  • more power

  • more stamina

  • more performance in everyday life / in your sport

  • Techniques and exercises for self-help

  • Recognize the cause of your complaint and find measures to permanently eliminate this trigger