Education and training, treatment techniques

  • 2015-2018: Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (FH Campus Wien)

  • 2019: FDM (fascia distortion model according to Typaldos) (Physiozentrum für further education GmbH)

  • from 2019: FOI (Functional Orthonomy and Integration) (Physiozentrum für further education GmbH)

  • from 2020: Sports physiotherapy (Physiozentrum für Further Education GmbH)

  • from 2020: KPNI (Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology) (kPNI Academy)


Sports physiotherapy deals with how amateur to professional athletes can optimally resume their sport after injuries. Special tests and movement analyzes help. Since I got my job myself through sport and through my many years of experience as a personal trainer, I have already coached numerous athletes in a wide variety of sports, it is obvious that I would like to deepen my knowledge here again. Mobility and strengthening exercises are always an integral part of every physiotherapy for me, in order to ensure lasting treatment success! There are suitable exercises for every complaint that can be performed painlessly and contribute fundamentally to eliminating them. Since I come from bodybuilding myself, I can also help you very well through my own experience if you have injured yourself in this sport or want to work preventively to prevent complaints!


FOI is a manual concept and assumes that complaints of the musculoskeletal system always lead to compensation. This means that problems in one joint also affect completely different parts of the body. That is why the whole chain of cause and consequence is always dealt with in the FOI. The treatment takes place through therapeutic manipulations.

With FOI, I was able to achieve not only good and rapid pain reduction and elimination, but also immediate improvement in joint mobility. However, active exercises that you can also do alone are always decisive for lasting effects. In preparation, for example to break a long-lasting pain cycle or to improve movement restrictions, or in addition, I also work with FOI.


Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology is a holistic, interdisciplinary concept. As the name suggests, it combines specialist knowledge from psychology, neurology and immunology. Knowledge from endocrinology, sociology and movement sciences are also incorporated. This enables holistic advice, from individual adjustments to everyday life to diet. Since a holistic perspective has always been very important to me in my job and I have been dealing a lot with nutrition for a long time due to my own sport, I would like to deepen my specialist knowledge here! The more tools you have available as a therapist, the better you can deal with your patients individually.