About me

  • Physiotherapist (BSc.)

  • Sports Physiotherapist (iA)

  • Certified health and personal trainer

  • KPNI therapist (iA)

I am an experienced, certified personal trainer and qualified physiotherapist (BSc), as well as sports physiotherapist iA.
Exactly this combination, as well as mine holistic approach from complaints of the musculoskeletal system, my customers and patients particularly appreciate me.

It has always been important to me to work actively with my customers or patients instead of just “working on them”. Of the Success in achieving your goals with my help, you are guaranteed by the following two aspects: Motivation and technical expertise.
I help you to develop your full potential through my motivation.
My specialist knowledge ranges from the area of ​​performance enhancement, sport-specific or simply in everyday life, to the treatment of chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system, for example caused by previous injuries. Flexibility training, as well as targeted stability and strengthening exercises, are important basic elements and always part of the collaboration with me.
We all, whether competitive athletes or little or no connection to sport, need flexibility, stability and properly working, strong muscles in our daily life!
I will not only help you that we will achieve your goals together, but also that this will improve your overall quality of life.
On top of that I do I live what I would like to pass on to you. Sport and exercise in general are my passion and an integral part of my everyday life. I have already tried different sports such as pole dance and calisthenics. But that is my greatest passion Strength training and one of my greatest skills is customizing exercises so that they are perfectly tailored to you and your needs. Strength training brings health benefits for everyone if it is done correctly!

In order to be able to support you holistically at the highest level, I also work with other experts around Psyche, as well as the Nutritional consultation  zusammen.

My story

Until I discovered my passion for strength training, I was rather unsportsmanlike until I was 17.

It was only through strength training that I really discovered the joy of movement, and that's why I want to pass this enthusiasm on to as many people as possible, which is associated with countless health benefits. Every person has a type of sport or exercise that they enjoy and I will be happy to help you find out!

Because of my passion for strength training, I decided to become a personal trainer in 2013 after a long stay abroad in Costa Rica. After two years of professional experience, I realized that I wanted to know more in this area and so I decided to study physiotherapy to become a movement expert!

I have been doing bodybuilding since 2013, which allowed me to develop my very good body image. Also at competition level since 2019. So of course I am very happy when I work with you as a personal trainer or as a Physiotherapist in the field of weight training and bodybuilding can accompany.

This is definitely one of my specialties!

Short profile

  • 1992 born in Vienna

  • 2013 Training as a certified health and personal trainer (PFA)

  • Since 2014 freelance personal trainer at the INJOY fitness center in Vienna

  • 2015-2018 Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy (FH Campus Wien)

  • 2018-2019 employed physiotherapist at the Stockerau Health Center

  • Since 2019 speaker at the Traineracademy Your Coach

  • Freelance physiotherapist at RAWO since 2019