Dietary advice by Dominique

You are right here!

  • if you want to optimize your diet

  • if you want to get better health

  • if you want more strength and energy

  • if you suffer from illnesses where choosing the right food plays a role (diabetes mellitus type 2, arteriosclerosis, gout, hypercholesterolemia, osteoporosis, irritable bowel syndrome, …)

How do I work as a dietician?

Together we will find the right interventions so that you can achieve your goal at your own pace. It starts with a detailed nutritional, social and exercise history so that I can make a diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, the correct interventions can be planned and integrated into everyday life. Through continuous monitoring and regular review of the results, we will adapt the interventions so that you are guided towards your goal step by step.

Dietary advice by Markus

You are right here!

  • if you are interested in healthy eating: what is really healthy for me?

  • if you need tips for eating in everyday life, at work and on the go

  • if you need tips for shopping: How do I shop properly and healthily?

  • if you as an athlete want to optimize your diet for better performance

  • if you want to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way

  • if you want to gain weight healthily

  • if you have various questions about nutrition

  • if you want to know what is really behind “superfoods” and dietary supplements:
    How do I choose between hundreds of shakes and capsules?

How do I work as a dietician?

I equip you with nutritional therapy in-depth information based on the latest research out.
This is how you can find out how to eat healthily, when to eat best and how to cook properly. Also how to put together ideal meals for you, from shopping to preparation we will work out together. You will also receive your personal nutrition plan.

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