Mental training by Dominique

You are right here!

  • if you are looking for a balance to everyday stress

  • if you want to calm down

  • when you want to take time for yourself

  • if you want to achieve your goals efficiently

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How do I work as a mental trainer?

My knowledge and techniques from mental training naturally flow into all of my treatments – especially in my PNI consultations.
I also offer mental training here in the form of ONLINE MEDITATION COURSES at.

Through targeted mental training and meditation, our stress system be acted upon. All the tasks that have to be done and things that we experience have to be dealt with in a way that our immune system does not run at full speed all the time.

Experiences from childhood, attitudes that no longer serve us in adult life, as well as negative beliefs that appear again and again, can be changed in a targeted manner through meditation and mental training.

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