Personal Training

Personal Training

Addons – free of charge as part of physiotherapy / personal training

free use of the INJOY fitness center on therapy/training days and an additional 1 month free use on each day


You are right here!

  • if you want to improve your agility or strength

  • if you want to become more efficient in your sport

  • if you want to build muscle

  • if you want to feel more comfortable in your body 😊

  • if you want to work up a sweat 😉

  • when you want to feel more balanced

  • if you want to integrate exercise into your everyday life in a targeted and long-term manner in order to achieve your health and physical goals

  • if you want to do something preventive for your health and well-being

  • if you are a bodybuilder and need training tips

  • if you want to improve your technique with the basic lifts and other exercises (squats, deadlifts, bench press, …)

Personal Training

How do I work as a personal trainer?

My areas of expertise include weight training and bodybuilding .

Regardless of whether your goal is sport-specific or everyday-related, we will plan the right training for it together . First we will have a detailed conversation with each other, in which we will discuss and define your goals in detail, as well as carry out some tests. Then I will choose exercises based on this and one scheduled training plan for our collaboration. It is very important to me that the exercises are precisely tailored to the achievement of your goals and are easy to understand so that we can get the most out of our training units. The aim is also that your body awareness improves sustainably. It doesn’t matter if you beginner to training or are a competitive athlete whether you “simply” want more quality of life in everyday life or want to become more productive in your sport, as a personal trainer I recognize your skills and help you to reach your full potential. To help you achieve your goals in the best possible way and holistic I also work with experts from other departments (mental training and nutritional advice) , together.

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