Alexander Lutz

One key point is the confidence using your body to do things you need or love to do

My philosophy

You have musculoskeletal problems and want one therapy plan coordinated with you ? You want to cope with any challenge and achieving your goals be responsible for yourself and have a guide who supports and accompanies you on this path? Then you are exactly right here!

Modern physiotherapy has a lot to offer everyone. Because physiotherapy can do so much more than just treat structures. My therapy design is about creating a individualized approach that takes into account your context, your preferences, your options and your everyday routines.

We at Physeli’s always work according to the principle of “ evidence based practice “. But what exactly does that mean? This is a conscientious, problem-solving approach that is the best findings from well-designed studies as well as yours individual values and preferences taken into account when making decisions about the best possible care.

Like hardly any other profession, we can examine you simply but adequately, calm you down, advise you, explain important things to you about your complaints, reduce fears, encourage you progressively and systematically, improve your health, support you in doing important things again and much more. From competitive and amateur athletes to little or no sport in everyday life, you are at the right place for treating your complaints and achieving your goals!

To do that in the best possible way, mine is enough expertise from the treatment of chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system to support after injuries in everyday life or sports. In the sporting area, my focus is on the most diverse ball sports because I have already practiced some myself.

One plays a role in the treatment holistic care a big role in which I advise and support you in dealing with pain, possible negative emotions, sleep behavior and stress. An essential cornerstone is an active therapeutic approach , which consists of a long-term and goal-oriented structure. You will be of one multidisciplinary team takes care that you can offer support in every important area.

My story

  • 1997 born in Vienna

  • 2015 Matura in the Polgargymnasium BG RG ORG

  • 2016 paramedic training

  • 2016-2020 Paramedic at the Vienna Professional Rescue Service and the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund

  • 2018-2021 physiotherapy studies at the FH Campus Wien

  • Since 2021 Physiotherapist in Reha Vienna North

  • since 2021 physiotherapist with the Invaders in St. Pölten (American Football)

  • 2021 Physeli’s self-employed physiotherapist

For me, physiotherapy combines two of my greatest passions: sports and medicine . My enthusiasm I discovered sports activities in my childhood, because I really wanted to try out as many sports as possible. These included soccer, basketball, flag football, tennis, volleyball, badminton and many more. One of my favorite sports is skiing because I feel very connected to the mountains. So I’ve already been able to gain experience in many different sports. I also work as a physiotherapist for the Invaders from St. Pölten in American football.

In addition, I am great with passion in the field of strength training and calisthenics on the go. Since 2020 I have also discovered training from home for myself and can therefore respond to many individual needs and circumstances when designing the training.

In the course of studying physiotherapy, I have numerous practical hours in a wide variety of clinical courses departments completed. Since I have this profession with the utmost motivation and commitment I like to continue my education with specialist books and various scientific publications in my free time. Because as a physiotherapist it is very important to always plan the therapy based on the current state of knowledge. Together we provide one individualized therapy plan together who will show you what your body is capable of and what it can do.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started – I’m looking forward to you!