Omid Kazemizad

Believe in your body, I will aid the fine tuning

Omid Kazemizad - Physiotherapeut (BSc.) - Sportphysiotherapie (MSc. i.A.)
  • Physiotherapist (BSc.)

  • Sports Physiotherapy (MSc. i.e.)

My philosophy

Are you wondering why physiotherapy with me is the right thing for you? How you deal with your challenges and how to reach your goals.

You are the focus of my therapy

I always work according to the motto “Motion is lotion” and this is exactly where I want to support you.

With my “Evidence-based approach” you will get my knowledge of targeted performance enhancement in competitive sports, hobby sports as well as in everyday activities. Through sport-specific or everyday-specific / functional therapy, you should well prepared be on your goals.

In addition to taking care of athletes, I specialize in treating chronic complaints, which understand established expert knowledge about biological, psychological and sociological mechanisms as base of the treatment. One Holistic support is in the foreground here. Because health does not only consist of exercise and all its advantages, many factors such as stress and sleep management, diet, everyday life, etc. play a major role here.

Whether you are from competitive sport, sometimes less and sometimes more to do with sport – you will be next to a active exercise therapy and strength training experience a therapy that puts you as a whole in the focus.

A wide variety of hands-on techniques can also – if indicated – be used and provide short-term relaxation, stress relief and pain relief. I work with techniques such as sports massages, functional massages, BGM, manual techniques, passive mobilizations and a few other relaxation exercises. These can be sent to you as “Starter” serve to make you feel good, ensure quiet and relaxed minutes, but should be understood as an addition. A long-term, goal-oriented physiotherapy consists of “Evidence based active therapy” .

Why I from the physical therapy am so convinced? I’ve been doing sports my whole life – living it and longing for the joy that comes with it for me. I want to pass that on. As a young swimmer in the Austrian youth national team, I have been a competitive athlete for over 13 years. In addition, I have further developed my motor skills in various ball sports such as football and basketball and with the sports science degree I received an all-around package for various sports, as well as athletic training. This focused knowledge I am now making it available to you. My focus is on fine-tuning the last few details, setting up a specific rehab program and actively involving you in the therapy.

A good team and professional Know-how not missing. Our Physeli’s team attaches great importance to cooperation with always informative meet-ups. The implementation of a holistic therapeutic approach is really guaranteed!

My story

  • Born in 1997 in Wels / Upper Austria

  • 2012-2014 young swimmers at the Olympic Center in Linz

  • Since 2014 swimming trainer at the SwimAcademy Wels for adults and children hobby + triathlon sport

  • Since 2014 swimming trainer + strength and conditioning trainer WTV Wels for young athletes and general classes

  • 2016 Matura in the sports high school Wallererstraße with sportsmatura distinction

  • 2016 paramedic training

  • 2017/18 Sports Science PLUS University of Salzburg

  • 2018-2021 physiotherapy studies at the FH Campus Wien

  • Since 2020 fitness trainer + health promoter Injoy Vienna

  • 2021 Physeli’s self-employed physiotherapist

  • Many more to come

Even as a child I knew – I am a fidget, I need a sport that stills my energy. I discovered my passion for water very soon and so I started training in the swimming club for competitive sports at the age of eight, which I was later to practice on a national and international level.

By dealing with the water in an unfamiliar environment for humans, I learned to feel, perceive and guide my body as I wanted it from it. Then I quickly realized what unbelievable Skills we are able. I would like to give you the perception and the focus on yourself and you – with Joy and fun in the movement – let yourself be experienced!

About my long-term existence in the Swimming I decided to train competitive athletes and amateur athletes – but I quickly realized that there was more to know in the field of health and sports – I wanted to become an expert in what I do and so I started for the time being Sports Science and then physical therapy to study.

With more than 1300 internship hours, over 700 observed and performed therapies from numerous departments such as orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, pediatrics, child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatrics, intensive medicine, surgery, internal medicine and cardiology, I feel well prepared in physiotherapy.

I’m looking forward to you and don’t forget: “You are fucking strong !!!”