Elisabeth Tretenhahn

Let me help your body heal itself!

  • Physiotherapist (BSc), sports physiotherapist (iA)

  • certified health and personal trainer

  • KPNI therapist (iA)

My philosophy

It was always important to me to work actively with my customers or patients instead of just working on them. The success in achieving your goals with my help is guaranteed by the following two aspects: Motivation and technical expertise.

I want to help you to develop your full potential and show you how strong you really are!

My expertise ranges from the field of performance improvement , specific to a sport or simply in everyday life, to the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal disorders, which have arisen, for example, as a result of previous injuries. Flexibility training , as well as targeted stability and strengthening exercises , are important basic elements and are always part of working with me.

We all, whether competitive athletes or little or no connection to sport, benefit from a strong, efficient body in our daily life!

I will not only help you that we will achieve your goals together, but also that this will improve your overall quality of life.

In addition, I myself live what I want to pass on to you.
This is my greatest passion Strength training and one of my greatest skills is customizing exercises so that they are perfectly tailored to you and your needs. Strength training brings health benefits for everyone, if it is carried out (correctly)!

In addition, working with my team, which consists of experts from the fields of nutrition and psyche , is very important to me!

Although there is always talk of a holistic and causal treatment, it often fails because of the implementation. We want to counteract this by really exchanging professional information on a regular basis and thus broadening our field of vision!

My story

  • 1992 born in Vienna

  • 2010 Matura at the Dominican High School

  • Since 2014 freelance personal trainer at the INJOY fitness center in Vienna

  • 2018-2019 employed physiotherapist at the Stockerau health center

  • Since 2019 speaker at the Traineracademy Your Coach

  • Freelance physiotherapist at RAWO since 2019

  • 2020 founder of the health center “Physeli’s”

Until I discovered my passion for strength training, I was rather unsportsmanlike until I was 17 years old.

It was only through strength training that I really discovered the joy of movement and that’s why I want to pass this enthusiasm on to as many people as possible, which is associated with countless health and mental benefits. For every person there is a type of sport or exercise that they enjoy and I will be happy to help you experience that!

So in 2013, after a long stay abroad in Costa Rica, I decided about my passion for strength training Personal trainer to become. After two years of professional experience, I realized that I wanted to know a lot more in this area and so I decided to study physiotherapy to become a movement expert!
My training for Physiotherapist (BSc) I graduated from the FH Campus Wien in 2018.
In 2018-2019 I was able to gain professional experience in the “Stockerau Health Center” as an employed therapist in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, geriatrics and neurology.

I have been doing my own sport, bodybuilding, since 2013, which allowed me to develop my very good body image. Also at competition level since 2019. So of course I am very happy when I work as a personal trainer or physiotherapist in the field of Weight training and bodybuilding can accompany. That is definitely one of my specialties!

My training and further education

  • 2013 Training as a certified health and personal trainer (PFA)

  • 2014 training as A-license fitness trainer (trainer academy)

  • 2014 Training as a Certified Strength Trainer (powerlifting) (Traineracademy)

  • 2015-2018 Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (FH Campus Wien)

  • 2019: FDM training (fascia distortion model according to Typaldos) (Physiozentrum für further training GmbH)

  • 2019: FOI training (Functional Orthonomy and Integration) (Physiozentrum für further training GmbH)

  • from 2020: Sports physiotherapy (Physiozentrum für Further Education GmbH)

  • from 2020: kPNI training (clinical psychoneuroimmunology) (kPNI academy)

Not just for athletes!

On the one hand, sports physiotherapy deals with how Hobby to competitive athletes to be able to optimally resume their sport after injuries. On the other hand, it is also about how to get one Training plan methodically perfect.
Special ones help with this Tests and movement analyzes .
Since I got my job myself through sport and through my many years of experience as a personal trainer, I have already looked after numerous athletes in a wide variety of sports, it is obvious that I would like to deepen my knowledge here again.

Mobility and strengthening exercises are also always an integral part of every physiotherapy for me in order to ensure lasting treatment success! There are suitable exercises for every complaint that can be carried out painlessly and contribute fundamentally to eliminating them. Since I come from bodybuilding myself, I can also help you very well through my own experience if you have injured yourself in this sport or would like to work preventively to prevent complaints!

Clinical psycho-neuro-immunology is a holistic, interdisciplinary concept. As the name suggests, the specialist knowledge is derived from the Psychology, neurology and immunology united. But also knowledge from the endocrinology , sociology and the Movement science flow in. This provides holistic advice from individuals adjustments in lifestyle in everyday life to nutrition possible.
Since a holistic perspective has always been very important to me in my job and I have been dealing a lot with nutrition for a long time due to my own sport, I would like to deepen my specialist knowledge here! The more tools you have available as a therapist, the better you can deal with your patients individually.

These are manual concepts, ie. Therapy methods where the therapist at the Patient works.
However, I have decided to work actively with you in order to be able to guarantee you a lasting improvement in your symptoms, instead of only relieving pain in the short term. So I hardly ever work with manual techniques.

Start today with the change you want to see in your life!