Michael Moschny

Cooperation partner

Michael Moschny - qualified personal trainer - nutritionist iA
  • qualified personal trainer

  • Nutritionist iA

My philosophy

Sport has always been an essential part of my life and I consider exercise to be an essential basis for physical and mental health. Since the basis of physical performance also includes an appropriate diet, in addition to my work as a personal trainer and coach, I pursue my second passion, nutritional sciences, in the form of a degree. My enthusiasm for the interplay of food and sport developed mainly through my main sport, cycling.

Although there is always talk of a holistic and causal treatment, it often fails because of the implementation. We want to counteract this by really exchanging professional information on a regular basis and thus broadening our field of vision!


IN-VICTUS Sportdiagnostik
Am Campus 21
2345 Brunn am Gebirge

My story

  • 1993 born in Vienna

  • 2010 Matura at the BG & BRG Schwechat

  • 2011 Paramedic at ASB Floridsdorf-Donaustadt

  • 2015 self-employed as a personal trainer

  • 2020 co-founder of IN-VICTUS Ernährungs- & SportgmbH

My training and further education

  • 2014 Training as a certified personal trainer (PFA)

  • 2015 further education rehabilitation training (trainer academy)

  • 2017 Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences (iA)