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ELISABETH physical therapy
Personal training
Diet advice
Diet advice

What is right for me

Not sure what to start with? No problem!
Here you will find a small guide. In addition, we will plan your therapy with you in more detail at the first appointment and can suggest interdisciplinary packages if necessary. The individual departments flow into one another and can never be viewed completely in isolation!

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step! “


Let’s rehab!
Have you had an injury that led to your current symptoms or you have chronic problems in the musculoskeletal system that you may not even know the cause? Are you also in pain? Then we will work together in therapy to eliminate your symptoms!

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Personal Training

Let’s prehab!
Would you like to lose weight, build muscles, become more efficient in your sport or simply in everyday life? Do you just want to feel more comfortable in your body? Then we will work together on your preventive goals during training!

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Dietary Advice

Would you like to optimize your diet in order to achieve your health, performance-oriented and / or aesthetic goals?
You don’t just want to lose weight quickly, but want to make a long-term, health-oriented change in your diet?
Do you also have health problems such as diabetes, gout, digestive problems (Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome), obesity or other more complex clinical pictures? Then we will work with targeted dietological advice to achieve your goals!

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PNI (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology)

Do you also feel tired and drained on a mental level? You also want to do something good for your intestines and thus your whole body and feel more comfortable and balanced in your skin? Then it would make sense that you start with a PNI consultation.
PNI (Psycho-Neuro-Immunology) deals with knowledge from psychology, neurology and immunology, but also, for example, from endocrinology and sociology. With the right interventions, which you incorporate step by step into your everyday life, your goals can be achieved!

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Mental Training

Would you like to understand yourself better, reduce stress, change negative beliefs and thus create the basis for more well-being and health?

This is possible through mediation, as a form of mental training. Let us work together on your mindset as part of meditation courses!

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Online coaching

All appointments are also possible online!

To do this, please select “Zoom Meeting” when booking online.

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Satisfied costumers

For professional reasons, my daily routine is very strictly planned, which is why targeted, intensive training units with my personal trainer Elisabeth are all the more important. This way I find the necessary balance again and am more productive.

Dr. hc. Jacob Polzer, chief Executive Officer

Having projects on different continents can be highly stressful and tough, I am happy that my private personal coach knows how to challenge me and my daily morning workout has become an essential part of my daily routine. I love to go the “extra mile”.

Sebastian Schwarzenegger, Investment bankers

At my request, Ms. Tretenhahn created a training plan for me with my goal of building muscle. After a well-structured and detailed anamnesis interview, she prepared a training plan for me, which she explained to me in a joint conversation. Then I went to the INJOY fitness center for implementation, where she showed me every unit and explained it in detail. Then she checked and corrected me if necessary. That was very important to me because I couldn’t see myself and incorrectly learned movement patterns are very difficult to eliminate. Ms. Tretenhahn always treated me with a lot of empathy and appreciation! Thank you, I would be happy to recommend you!

Elke Kouba - Practitioner in NUAD (relaxation technique)

Elisabeth has been my trainer for a few months now. I came across her through a mutual friend and that was a real stroke of luck. She makes the trainings varied and challenging, but not too difficult either. She quickly completed the training plan and tailored it perfectly to me. She tries to incorporate individual wishes and goals into the training as best as possible. If you have any questions about exercises that come up during training, she always has a competent answer ready. In the few months in which I train under her guidance, I have come a lot closer to my goals than in a year without the training plan she designed. With her loving and friendly manner, she always knows how to motivate me anew, I look forward to every training session with her.

David Haas, Software developer

I was very impressed by the training with Elisabeth. At first I couldn’t even imagine what is possible, but with the right choice of exercises and the right intensity, I was able to notice my first progress after a few weeks, which in turn motivated me. I immediately recommend training with Elisabeth, because she can respond very well to personal goals and knows how to get the most out of it, even if you believe that nothing works anymore ;-D.

Teresa Goetz, Physiotherapist

Elisabeth tries very hard to put together an individual training program that does not neglect her own needs. It is varied, demanding and challenging. I never have the feeling that she is asking the impossible of me. She is always by my side to motivate me. Even if I think nothing works anymore, something is still possible. I feel very comfortable and always look forward to our training.

Tanja Pausch, Masseuse

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