Fast strength training in the upper extremity

Why you as a swimmer or volleyball player should definitely integrate upper extremity strength into your training!

Quick strength and plyometric training can be done not only in the lower extremity. Especially impact athletes*innen as in volleyball, basketball, American football or even boxing – as you can see here at our professional boxer @sergioxod who is also sponsored by us for his fight in the fall!!!! We wish you in this regard also equal all, all the best – Show Biceps!

If you want to have strong arms, it doesn’t mean that only slow movements have to take place, our arm muscles are also happy to do quick strength exercises. This minimizes the risk of injury and keeps your shoulder joints robust – even as you age. Always remember – fabric only aligns when it is used.


The exercises shown here are also very suitable in the end phase rehab with shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, but also to improve athletic performance! You can also use these exercises for Upper Extremity related Back Pain symptoms, but always adapted to the patient.


💚If you need help with your training, rehab after injury, or just want to feel better and healthier in your body overall, check out our offerings and feel free to contact us! ⠀